Monday, November 29, 2010

Mad Scientists

After the accident, Noel decided that financially we could not afford another car payment so he decided to revive the Firebird; that had been sitting in the garage for 2.5 years.

It needed new tires, new battery, fluids, fix the A/C, brakes, and miscellaneous things. Tires, battery, fluid were pretty easy things to fix. The A/C is not so easy to fix. The last time that Noel worked on his A/C he had to take the engine out to get to the A/C. Well to take the engine out there are 48 steps and each of those steps have other steps within that step. Dominic convinced Noel that they did not need to take the engine out because Noel has some extra parts from the last time that he worked on the A/C.

This is where it gets scary. Dominic and Noel decided that they could run the A/C dye to tell them where the leak was from the table saw. Yeah you read that right. Noel and Dominic strapped the compressor from the A/C to the table saw and ran the belt from the compressor to the compressor of the table saw and then gave it all power from the battery in the Honda. Sounds mad scientist right? That is what I thought and that is why I had to video tape this because if something blew up I was going to win America's Funniest Home Video Contest. Watch the video and see the lights dim when they turn everything on. Enjoy the video.

Noel and Dominic ran their test and found out that the compressor was bad and so they had to replace the compressor.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Future Posts

I know that some of you think that we have fallen off the Earth, but we have not. I have lots of posts to do, but Noel and I are refinancing our house right now and we are trying to finish are bathroom. So stay with us and hopefully I can post some of the great things we have done soon. We love you.