Sunday, March 24, 2013

If our day was any longer!!!!

Yesterday was a long and eventful day. We did build and grow at Lowes and went to a petting zoo, had dinner with Nanna Gail.

After dinner Gail needed Noel to look at her sprinkler system. The kids had a popsicle while they waited. Then the kids were playing tag when Esther chased Jacob and Jacob ran into the corner of Gail's garden post.

There was crying and some blood. On the way home I bought some butterfly strips for Jacob's head. When we got home we realized his head wound was pretty deep. So back into the truck to go to the emergency room. We went to the new Scott & White Emergency room on 1431. Jacob was seen immediately and they took really good care of him, but we did not get home till 11. We were at the emergency room for 2 hours. They cleaned his wound and then cleaned it again.

Jacob is good but he will have a scar.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Petting Zoo!

Today, was a busy day. We had Build and Grow at Lowe's this morning. Then we went to a petting zoo. The kids held bunnies, hedgehogs, dragon lizard, tortoise, and baby chicks and ducklings. Tonight we have dinner with Nanna Gail to celebrate Noel's birthday, which is Monday.

Superhero party prep

The kids want a superhero/ princess hero party. So I am prepping for that party since I want to make everyone the cool stuff.

Each kid will get a mask, superhero cape, wrist bands, sword/ wand. I am also going to do a scavenger hunt to collect your superhero/princess hero items. I think that i am more excited then the kids.

I have found the mask template that I liked after tweeking several to get the one I like. Here is the first of many pre party posts, so you can be excited with me.

Monday, March 11, 2013

The Results of Homeschooling

On Saturday Noel and I were talking about if we had any plans this weekend. After looking at calendars were found we had nothing in the calendar. We decided that we will go to San Antonio and see pops and do some other things.

I told Noel that the kids wanted to go to the Z-O-O. That is when my 4 year old told her siblings that we were going to the zoo. Spelling with your husband around kids is nice but like everything else your kids grow up and you realize that we lose another form of privacy.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

How does that work?

Today we upgrade from toddler toilet to grown-up toilet. Jacob and Hannah were very curious. After today they will know how to take out a toilet, replace a wax ring, put a new screws in, and seal the toilet. My home improvement crew!