Friday, August 20, 2010

Safari Birthday Party

Noel and I have decided that having one birthday party makes more sense then trying to have three in three months. Also our "safari" all have the same friends. So this year we decided that school supplies/art supplies was going to be our theme, since we are getting ready to start homeschooling activities this year.

We also decided that having the party in the evening was better since our backyard is mostly shaded in the early evening. Our good friends Kimber and Rob Gilbert brought their lawn furniture and the canopy so the bounce house would be covered. The kids had a great time. We had to come inside because everyone wad red-faced. We ate dinner, we had spaghetti, fruit salad, and bread. The kids also got cupcakes and normal cake. I tried to make a bee-hive cake and it turned out pretty nice.

Rob Gilbert came over and showed everyone his police car. The kids thought that was great and got to sit in the driver's seat while the lights were flashing. I think all and all everyone had a great time.

The parents told me the next day that their children slept pretty well after being at our house and running them into the ground.

Monday, August 16, 2010


Noel and I believe that everyone has a choice to do one thing or another. Now each choice can lead to a consequence, either good or bad. Noel and I were given a choice by Pops. A puppy or a fish tank. Now think about what you would choose.

We chose a fish tank, no hesitation. The only thing is that we did not get to choose the fish tank. We gave Pops some options that we liked and we sent him fish tanks that would be good for the "safari." Like we wanted one that was big enough so that everyone could see the fish without fighting.

Pops called and stated that he got the fish tank and that he wanted to come down that day. So he came from San Antonio to help set up the fish tank. He should up and showed us that he decided on 90 gallons. The fish tank is great.

Pops took the "safari" to PetSmart and let them pick up some accessories for the fish tank. Elijah picked a dinosaur, and the others just wanted to see the fish.

So here is a picture of the fish tank.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Swim Lessons

A couple of months ago we started our carpet experience and we had some trouble with people showing up on time and we were given some compensation for those mistakes. That meant that we could pay for the "safari", minus Hannah, to have swim lessons.

The lessons were Monday through Thursday for two weeks. The "safari" thought it was great and they loves their swim instructor, Stephanie. They were excited every day to go and even enjoyed the shower after the swim lessons. The kids got to "talk to the fish" and learned to swim and jump into the water. Stephanie was wonderful and she enjoyed the "safari."

Now Hannah was too young to start swim lessons at the YMCA so she swam with daddy while the others had swim lessons. Hannah enjoyed the quality time with daddy.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

My "safari" say the funniest things in public!!!

Pops came to our house a couple of weeks ago to give the "safari" their birthday present; a 90 gallon fish tank. After shopping with the "safari" and letting them pick the decorations for the fish tank, Pops took us all out to dinner.

We were eating and Elijah decided that he needed to go potty. He wanted Pops to take him and Pops was more than willing to go. So they walk to the bathroom to find that the stalls are both full and the only thing that is left is the urinal. Now Elijah at first was not that excited about that. Given the choice of waiting for one of the stalls to open or peeing right then; he was okay with the urinal.

Elijah pulls his pants down and Pops picks him up to pee in the urinal and that is when my funny man made his comment. He asked "Pops can you hold my penis?" Now you have to put in your head that the two stalls in the bathroom are full and they are not the only people at the urinals. So complete silence went to laughter. Pops was a little red.

As a mother I am proud that my son named his anatomy with the right term and that he made a couple of men laugh. Now that story was probably told to whomever they encountered that day. So that is a potential of a lot of laughter.