Friday, August 20, 2010

Safari Birthday Party

Noel and I have decided that having one birthday party makes more sense then trying to have three in three months. Also our "safari" all have the same friends. So this year we decided that school supplies/art supplies was going to be our theme, since we are getting ready to start homeschooling activities this year.

We also decided that having the party in the evening was better since our backyard is mostly shaded in the early evening. Our good friends Kimber and Rob Gilbert brought their lawn furniture and the canopy so the bounce house would be covered. The kids had a great time. We had to come inside because everyone wad red-faced. We ate dinner, we had spaghetti, fruit salad, and bread. The kids also got cupcakes and normal cake. I tried to make a bee-hive cake and it turned out pretty nice.

Rob Gilbert came over and showed everyone his police car. The kids thought that was great and got to sit in the driver's seat while the lights were flashing. I think all and all everyone had a great time.

The parents told me the next day that their children slept pretty well after being at our house and running them into the ground.


anyreasonforcake said...

It sounds like the party was a hit! As a homeschooling mom with a party theme ideas site, I appreciate the school supplies/art supplies theme! :>)

You have a beautiful family. My kids are teens now and one of them still gripes about the times they had to sit in a field of bluebonnets for pictures!

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