Monday, July 28, 2008

Hannah's First Hair Style

Noel and I wanted to share our first picture after Hannah's first bath. We think that this hair style will come back in the near future.

We are all doing well. Of course I am trying to do too much after a C-section, it is my Martha personality. Noel is done traveling and so we are spending some quality time with all of our children. Hannah is doing well, she is eating and sleeping like a newborn should. The triplets could care less about her and only react when she gets a bottle and they do not. Elijah is doing great with the new baby. He talked to Hannah the entire pregnancy and loves to try to feed her, give her pacifier to her, and of course burp her. Elijah loves to say "baby" and that the baby is "sleeping".

Pray that we spend enough quality time with all our children and that we have the energy for all of them through this new change. Thank you for all the support and meals that have come from the New Parents Class.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Hannah Elizabeth

Hannah, minutes after the C-section. Look at all the hair on her head.
My daughter all cleaned up and already ready to make herself happy with her thumb.

Hannah finally has come and our "zoo" is not taking anymore exhibits. The C-section went well and there were no complications, just pain. I came home today and I feel that today has been the hardest day of this ordeal. My other children have not seen their mother in four days and now their mother cannot pick them up.

Then there is the bottle thing. My triplets only get one bottle a day and that is right before they go to bed so seeing Hannah receiving a bottle every 3-4 hours is not working out for them. We are going through some adjustments. Please pray that the children will transition well, and that they are curious about the baby.

Here are a couple of pictures of Hannah. Yes she does have hair and it looks like it is going to be strawberry blond, which means that daddy is in trouble with a blond and blue eyes daughter and now a daughter with strawberry blond.

I would like to thank all the people that have been praying for us and for the people that signed up for the care calender. Noel and I are grateful for the generosity and love that shows to us.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The Unforgettable

Have you ever had one of those days were the kids are not happy and nothing is going well? When you look back you do not remember those days but the days where your children make you laugh and do things that only they can do. The video that you are seeing is my daughter learning to do raspberries. These are the moments that we remember when we are having days were we do not understand how everything could be going so wrong.
In Sunday School we were talking about how those days are the days were we learn patients, kindness and hopefully understanding. I love my children and enjoy everything new they are learning in this great time of exploration. Walking, eating "grown-up" food, learning to share, learning to co-habitat with each other. Then when I think that everything is finally going to be great and calm and quiet....we put the fifth crib together. I know everyone is laughing and thinking, "Thank God I am not them." Please do come by and see the zoo.
Enjoy one of my moments with my children and smile because they are great when they come and great to remember when the day seems like it will never end.