Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Sea World!

Went to Sea World today. Everyone was responsible for one child. It is the way to go. Mommy had Hannah, nanna had Esther, pops had Elijah, nanna Gail had Jacob and papa bobby had Joshua. I will hear what really happened later, but for now everyone is having fun.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Summer Reading Program Rocks!

The cedar park library has a summer reading program. The kids hit their 200 minute mark this weekend. Tuesday is our library day and so we collected our first prize. A free personal pan pizza from pizza hut. The kids were more than excited. I see a lot of reading in their and my future.

Happy birthday

The triplets turned 5 yesterday and so we went with our friends the Conroy's and Alley's to Brushy Creek Splash Pad. The kids had fun I am amazed at the games my kids think if with water and a cup. They made this game where one threw water in the air and the others caught it.