Friday, August 29, 2008

Jeff Dunham

I thought this video was outstanding!!!!! I almost peed my pants. I love this comedian; he is coming to Austin in October. If you go to my myspace page,, you can see the comedian have one of his puppets, Walter,run for president.

Enjoy this video and have a laugh on me. Have a wonderful Holiday weekend. Thank you for the wonderful time at Ladies' Night, I learned so much about everyone.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Which Austen Heroine are You?

I am Elinor <span class=Dashwood!" height="300" width="200">

Take the Quiz here!

You are Elinor Dashwood of Sense & Sensibility! You are practical, circumspect, and discreet. Though you are tremendously sensible and allow your head to rule, you have a deep, emotional side that few people often see.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Can you Dance?

God is good. He manages to give you laughter when you really need it. My son, Elijah, decided that he was going to make his sister, Esther, dance with him. The funny part is that Elijah says "dance, " and Esther comes back for more dancing.

This will be great when they are older and we show them all the "stuff" that we have of them and how their future mates will enjoy all the things that we can show them of our children's childhood.

Being parents is exhausting, challenging, stressful but at the end of each day it is GREAT!!! We are guiding and sometimes pushing our children in the right direction and seeing them grow and learn new things everyday. What an awesome job/responsibility we have.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The End to Another Day!

Elijah playing with the baby powder!!!! Yeah for me!

This the end to another day at the "zoo." We are trying to get Elijah excited about potty training. Well he likes to sit on the potty chair and likes to say "potty" but as soon as we leave the bathroom he potties in his training pants. So we are going to wait a little longer to see if he really wants to do this. I do not want to push him unless he wants to.

Elijah is learning that hitting is not the answer to everything. He gets frustrated because he does not get his way and so he hits his siblings. So there has been a lot of time in the time out area. The hardest thing is that I have to remain consistent every time even in the middle of feeding Hannah, or fixing lunch or changing a diaper. I have to keep telling myself that we will get through this stage and start all over again with the triplets. Pray that Noel and I remain consistent and have a united front.

Then there is the fact that Elijah is smart and likes to get his siblings in on what he is doing so that he cannot get in trouble. Like today, I decided that I was going to go potty by myself without an audience and get a couple of minutes to myself. Well, when my wonderful children stopped making any sounds I knew I was in trouble. Elijah had climbed on a toy and reached the hand soap, dish soap, Hannah's bath soap, and the Mini Vanilla Wafers. Well in the two minutes that I was in the bathroom the four of them had eaten the half box and were drinking their juice when I emerged. So there is no mommy time when my children are up and running around.

So today was like any other day, and I managed to make it to the end without calling my husband, Noel, and telling him that I had sold his children on EBay and that I was moving to another country.

I love my children and each day that I have with them. Some days I can only laugh because there is not time to cry and other days I could not be more proud of my children and how they are growing up so fast. But no matter if I am in amazement or laughing out of frustration I know that God knows that I can handle this with Him and not without Him on a daily basis. Also I know that God has a sense of humor and my family is His reality show that he gets to laugh at each day, because there are No dull moments in our house. How was your day?

Monday, August 18, 2008

Yeah, the Bath is MINE!!!!!

Yeah!!! Mommy and Daddy let me draw on the bathtub.
I cannot believe that I get the bathtub to myself.

Elijah got the privilege of taking a bath by himself on Saturday. He received some crayons that you can use the in bathtub along with tablets that change the color of that water. YEAH for mommy and daddy!!!! Elijah choose BLUE! We had Elijah's 2nd birthday party on Saturday with family. It is amazing how crazy grown adults will get around toddlers, my house is no exception. Once you step into my house you are a kid again when you play with my children; you have to be because they out number you. So the triplets were run down by grandparents, uncles, aunts and friends.

Noel and I try to make sure that each of our children get some one-on-one time with mommy and daddy each week. Either it is to the park or grocery shopping usually. When they get older it will be more important that they get that time.

God has blessed my family with lots of children who show lots of unconditional love. Some days are harder then others but at the end of the day Noel and I are proud of our children. We have enjoyed all the questions, looks, comments and even once in a while we even like all the attention. We are a unique family and we enjoy when we can make another family look at each other and say, "Honey at least we only have our children and not all those children."

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

How Many Babies Do You See?

My family took a family picture about 4 years ago when my brother, Ben had come home to visit from his tour in Japan. Well that picture consisted of my parents, my brother his wife and their two children, my other brother me and my sister. That picture was a total of 9 people. This is our new family picture at my brother, Ben's, wedding. Now there are 20 people in the picture. Front Row: Brandon and Devon Mailey (Andrew's Children) Second Row: Esther, Noel, Elijah and Joshua Wilcoxson. Ben and Tracy Mailey (bride and groom), Jacob Wilcoxson, John, Patricia and Aiden Mailey (Pamela's son) Third Row: Hannah and Jennifer Wilcoxson, Andrew, Jennifer and Kylie Mailey, Noah, Pamela and Mike Miner.

It is amazing how my family has grown in the last couple of years. God has blessed our family with lots of children and lots of laughter. Now we will wait and see how many more children there will be since my brother Ben and his new wife Tracy have not started yet. Does anyone want to take a guess?

God has a sense of humor when it comes to His children. Everyone is laughing except they are not laughing with Noel and I but at the fact that they do not have to take care of our children. Remember the offer is an open invitation to come and see how this "zoo" operates. I will give you a backstage pass to see how Noel and I survive every day and live to do it all over again the next day. Also Noel and I still laugh and have a good time with everyone as well. God definitely knew what He was doing when he matched Noel and I together on E*harmony.

A Day at Nana & Papa Mailey's House!!!

Lunch time at Nana's house. Jacob was eating pasta with sauce.
The triplets were allowed to play in the dishwasher. They thought that was great because I do not let them in my kitchen. They each tried to climb into the dishwasher.
Esther eating pasta with sauce.
Joshua eating pasta with sauce. He is the cleanest person when it comes to eating.
Nana letting Elijah and Aiden, his cousin, express their musical side. We had to take Aspirin afterwards.
You can never start the triplets too young on the piano.
How do you cool off four children in the middle of the summer with just two adults? You let them get naked and swim in the pool that is under a tree.

My children enjoy going to Nana's house. There is just so much to do and so many new things to play with and brake. My children love to climb on the furniture, play with the candles, try to eat the decorative rocks, and play in the cabinets. Nana and Papa love the children and cannot get enough of them. Their house is a treasure, but of course they have 8 grandchildren under the age of 2. Nana's house has to be cool and fun to entertain all those toddlers.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

How Many Wilcoxson Children Fit in a Bath Tub?

Bath time at my house is not a casual thing. It is a work that requires precision and strong character. Actually it is really not bad at all, but it does take teamwork and patience most nights.

Every night and sometimes every other night the animals at our "zoo" take a bath. Noel and I make sure that the there are no diaper surprises. Then the animals are released to climb the stairs. Have you ever tried to herd four children up the stairs at the same time? Well let me tell you it takes lots of hand and eye coordination. When they all finally get to the top of the stairs then you have to get them to walk down the hallway and into the bathroom. Then you have to start the water, undress them and stick them in the bathtub. That is the easy part.

Now we have a timer that is in the bathtub, we set the timer for 10 minutes. Yes, Noel and I can bath our children in five minutes and let them have five minutes to play. Noel and I have two children each and we are responsible for those two children when it comes to washing, rinsing and for safety reasons.

After the 10 minutes are up then we have an assembly line for drying and clothing. Usually the first child that is taken is the one that does not want to sit in the bathtub but wants to stand and kick water. Then usually we go in the order of attitude, meaning the child that gives us the hardest time in drying and dressing goes first.

The the herd is ushered into the bedroom and they are put to bed. Now all of this takes less than 20 minutes, but it takes at least 3 hours of energy. So we are looking forward to when they can bath themselves. We are just wondering if there is a bath tub that will fit all five children.

I get a lot of questions and inquiring looks when I meet people that have not been around me long or have never met me before; Noel and I have grown to love and laugh at these moments. So explaining the simple task of bathing a child is turned into a blog because Noel and I bath four children at the same time. Really what I like to tell people is that they need to come over and just hang out with us. We are normal people who are trying to raise normal children except that we have it to the fourth and now fifth degree.

The picture at the top of the page is in grandma's bathtub.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

E*Harmony Commercial

Have you seen the new ads for E*Harmony? The ones where the couple is perfect and they found each other and now everything is great and wonderful. I do not think that they would ever let Noel and I be in one of those commercials. So here is the commercial that we would have.

Noel: "I was looking for a soul mate and a women that wanted a family."

Jennifer: "My mother told me that I needed to start with E*Harmony that she just had a feeling that I would find the right person. So I looked for the "man of my dreams" on E*Harmony."

Noel: "I tried dating a few girls and then I met Jennifer, she was funny, strong-willed, determined to accomplish what she wanted, and God-centered."

Jennifer: "There were some great guys that I was interested in, but Noel was the one person who's personality profile, background and demeanour was what I was looking for. Also he was an AGGIE."

Noel: "I knew she was the one after I met her in person and spent some time with her, she makes me complete."

Jennifer: "I knew Noel was the man I had been waiting for my entire life, and what sealed the deal was that my toes went numb the first time he kissed me."

Matched: September 2005

Married: February 2006

Children: August 2006, June 2007 (triplets) and July 2008, Five children under the age of 2.

Now if you are looking for the right person with the right personality and you are willing to have lots of children in a short time frame then E*Harmony is just for you. If you act now then you can view your potential soul mates for FREE.
I just do not see the E*Harmony people jumping at the commercial. I do have to say that I am grateful for E*Harmony because that is where I met Noel and I totally know that was a God thing. I would have never tried E*Harmony if my mother had not told me about it and kept telling me about it. Also Noel and I would have never met in person if I had not posted a picture of myself. If you are interested in our full story please let us know, we like to make other people laugh at where we were just three years ago and where God has dropped us now. I am so glad that God has a sense of humor, don't you?