Monday, August 18, 2008

Yeah, the Bath is MINE!!!!!

Yeah!!! Mommy and Daddy let me draw on the bathtub.
I cannot believe that I get the bathtub to myself.

Elijah got the privilege of taking a bath by himself on Saturday. He received some crayons that you can use the in bathtub along with tablets that change the color of that water. YEAH for mommy and daddy!!!! Elijah choose BLUE! We had Elijah's 2nd birthday party on Saturday with family. It is amazing how crazy grown adults will get around toddlers, my house is no exception. Once you step into my house you are a kid again when you play with my children; you have to be because they out number you. So the triplets were run down by grandparents, uncles, aunts and friends.

Noel and I try to make sure that each of our children get some one-on-one time with mommy and daddy each week. Either it is to the park or grocery shopping usually. When they get older it will be more important that they get that time.

God has blessed my family with lots of children who show lots of unconditional love. Some days are harder then others but at the end of the day Noel and I are proud of our children. We have enjoyed all the questions, looks, comments and even once in a while we even like all the attention. We are a unique family and we enjoy when we can make another family look at each other and say, "Honey at least we only have our children and not all those children."


cheryl said...

Cute! He looks pretty proud to be in there all by himself! :o)

Cheng family said...

I would have chosen blue too. Happy 2nd birthday, Elijah!