Saturday, August 23, 2008

Can you Dance?

God is good. He manages to give you laughter when you really need it. My son, Elijah, decided that he was going to make his sister, Esther, dance with him. The funny part is that Elijah says "dance, " and Esther comes back for more dancing.

This will be great when they are older and we show them all the "stuff" that we have of them and how their future mates will enjoy all the things that we can show them of our children's childhood.

Being parents is exhausting, challenging, stressful but at the end of each day it is GREAT!!! We are guiding and sometimes pushing our children in the right direction and seeing them grow and learn new things everyday. What an awesome job/responsibility we have.


cheryl said...

What a trooper that Esther is to hang in there w/ all those boys. How fun that she has Hannah to be girly with too! :o)
Y'all are doing an awesome job with all those kiddos! Thanks for your testimony of trusting God.

gwyneth said...

so cute! i love how she keeps coming back for more even after the dancing turns wwf style :)

Cheng family said...

I love how Esther pushes Elijah into the blinds and then chases after him. The video is really precious!