Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The End to Another Day!

Elijah playing with the baby powder!!!! Yeah for me!

This the end to another day at the "zoo." We are trying to get Elijah excited about potty training. Well he likes to sit on the potty chair and likes to say "potty" but as soon as we leave the bathroom he potties in his training pants. So we are going to wait a little longer to see if he really wants to do this. I do not want to push him unless he wants to.

Elijah is learning that hitting is not the answer to everything. He gets frustrated because he does not get his way and so he hits his siblings. So there has been a lot of time in the time out area. The hardest thing is that I have to remain consistent every time even in the middle of feeding Hannah, or fixing lunch or changing a diaper. I have to keep telling myself that we will get through this stage and start all over again with the triplets. Pray that Noel and I remain consistent and have a united front.

Then there is the fact that Elijah is smart and likes to get his siblings in on what he is doing so that he cannot get in trouble. Like today, I decided that I was going to go potty by myself without an audience and get a couple of minutes to myself. Well, when my wonderful children stopped making any sounds I knew I was in trouble. Elijah had climbed on a toy and reached the hand soap, dish soap, Hannah's bath soap, and the Mini Vanilla Wafers. Well in the two minutes that I was in the bathroom the four of them had eaten the half box and were drinking their juice when I emerged. So there is no mommy time when my children are up and running around.

So today was like any other day, and I managed to make it to the end without calling my husband, Noel, and telling him that I had sold his children on EBay and that I was moving to another country.

I love my children and each day that I have with them. Some days I can only laugh because there is not time to cry and other days I could not be more proud of my children and how they are growing up so fast. But no matter if I am in amazement or laughing out of frustration I know that God knows that I can handle this with Him and not without Him on a daily basis. Also I know that God has a sense of humor and my family is His reality show that he gets to laugh at each day, because there are No dull moments in our house. How was your day?


gwyneth said...

hitting siblings is rough. Adeline has spent days where I felt she was in time out half the time for grabbing toys and shoving Aravis. I just have to hope she'll end up liking her eventually. The vanilla wafer caper has me imagining Elijah training the triplets to be a crack heist team like oceans 11. Elijah's 5, taking on the kitchen.

Cheng family said...

It's hard for us when Cody wants to play with Claire, but is too rough. Cody's latest thing is, "Hey. I have an idea. Let's . . ." I know it is going to be good when he starts with this!

Nanna & Papa said...

Being consistent is the key to raising responsible children. It is hard to do and that is why so many parents just let the kids do whatever. Just as God is faithful and you can always count on Him you and Noel need to be that way with your children. In your discipline as well as in your praise. I know you are both doing a great job and you have each other. When one is at their wits end, the other can still hang on. Just keep doing what you are doing and the reward will be great. I love you. Mom