Tuesday, August 12, 2008

How Many Babies Do You See?

My family took a family picture about 4 years ago when my brother, Ben had come home to visit from his tour in Japan. Well that picture consisted of my parents, my brother his wife and their two children, my other brother me and my sister. That picture was a total of 9 people. This is our new family picture at my brother, Ben's, wedding. Now there are 20 people in the picture. Front Row: Brandon and Devon Mailey (Andrew's Children) Second Row: Esther, Noel, Elijah and Joshua Wilcoxson. Ben and Tracy Mailey (bride and groom), Jacob Wilcoxson, John, Patricia and Aiden Mailey (Pamela's son) Third Row: Hannah and Jennifer Wilcoxson, Andrew, Jennifer and Kylie Mailey, Noah, Pamela and Mike Miner.

It is amazing how my family has grown in the last couple of years. God has blessed our family with lots of children and lots of laughter. Now we will wait and see how many more children there will be since my brother Ben and his new wife Tracy have not started yet. Does anyone want to take a guess?

God has a sense of humor when it comes to His children. Everyone is laughing except they are not laughing with Noel and I but at the fact that they do not have to take care of our children. Remember the offer is an open invitation to come and see how this "zoo" operates. I will give you a backstage pass to see how Noel and I survive every day and live to do it all over again the next day. Also Noel and I still laugh and have a good time with everyone as well. God definitely knew what He was doing when he matched Noel and I together on E*harmony.


Wilcoxson said...

my husband stated that the title of this blog should be "where is Waldo?"

Cheng family said...

Children really do change everything, don't they?! And I thought that my parents were lucky getting 4 grandchildren in 2 years (from me and my sister), but you guys definitely have us beat!

Nanna & Papa said...

I didn't see the picture? Your dad and I are just so blessed by God to have so many wonderful children and now grandchildren. I love all of them and am looking forward, with God's help, to watching them all grow up. I love you both very much. Kiss all the children for us.