Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A Day at Nana & Papa Mailey's House!!!

Lunch time at Nana's house. Jacob was eating pasta with sauce.
The triplets were allowed to play in the dishwasher. They thought that was great because I do not let them in my kitchen. They each tried to climb into the dishwasher.
Esther eating pasta with sauce.
Joshua eating pasta with sauce. He is the cleanest person when it comes to eating.
Nana letting Elijah and Aiden, his cousin, express their musical side. We had to take Aspirin afterwards.
You can never start the triplets too young on the piano.
How do you cool off four children in the middle of the summer with just two adults? You let them get naked and swim in the pool that is under a tree.

My children enjoy going to Nana's house. There is just so much to do and so many new things to play with and brake. My children love to climb on the furniture, play with the candles, try to eat the decorative rocks, and play in the cabinets. Nana and Papa love the children and cannot get enough of them. Their house is a treasure, but of course they have 8 grandchildren under the age of 2. Nana's house has to be cool and fun to entertain all those toddlers.


cheryl said...

Great pics! Too funny that Joshua is such a "clean" eater. ;o)

Nanna & Papa said...

I really enjoy it when the "zoo" comes to my house. I love watching them grow and develop their own personalities. I love the pictures you took. I thank God daily for you, Noel and Elijah, Esther, Joshua, Jacob, and Esther. Love Mom