Thursday, August 7, 2008

E*Harmony Commercial

Have you seen the new ads for E*Harmony? The ones where the couple is perfect and they found each other and now everything is great and wonderful. I do not think that they would ever let Noel and I be in one of those commercials. So here is the commercial that we would have.

Noel: "I was looking for a soul mate and a women that wanted a family."

Jennifer: "My mother told me that I needed to start with E*Harmony that she just had a feeling that I would find the right person. So I looked for the "man of my dreams" on E*Harmony."

Noel: "I tried dating a few girls and then I met Jennifer, she was funny, strong-willed, determined to accomplish what she wanted, and God-centered."

Jennifer: "There were some great guys that I was interested in, but Noel was the one person who's personality profile, background and demeanour was what I was looking for. Also he was an AGGIE."

Noel: "I knew she was the one after I met her in person and spent some time with her, she makes me complete."

Jennifer: "I knew Noel was the man I had been waiting for my entire life, and what sealed the deal was that my toes went numb the first time he kissed me."

Matched: September 2005

Married: February 2006

Children: August 2006, June 2007 (triplets) and July 2008, Five children under the age of 2.

Now if you are looking for the right person with the right personality and you are willing to have lots of children in a short time frame then E*Harmony is just for you. If you act now then you can view your potential soul mates for FREE.
I just do not see the E*Harmony people jumping at the commercial. I do have to say that I am grateful for E*Harmony because that is where I met Noel and I totally know that was a God thing. I would have never tried E*Harmony if my mother had not told me about it and kept telling me about it. Also Noel and I would have never met in person if I had not posted a picture of myself. If you are interested in our full story please let us know, we like to make other people laugh at where we were just three years ago and where God has dropped us now. I am so glad that God has a sense of humor, don't you?


Marti said...

Inspired me to do my story.... I did want to do the commercials, but Rob won't let me.... ;)

p.s. Do you have the crystal bowl from Tiffany's?

ndw6798 said...

Yeah, this is Jennifer's version of the story. I'm sure her side wouldn't change, but I'm way too sarcastic to talk about the nice things. I would have totally brought up all of the things that could have kept us apart, such as: I began our online conversations by asking her why she was still "on the market" as old as she was (I had her confused with someone else). Also, she put that we wouldn't have met if she didn't send me a picture of herself, but she didn't mention how un-photogenic she was and that it's a God thing that I even attempted to meet her. So yes, E-Harmony was a God thing for us.