Monday, August 16, 2010


Noel and I believe that everyone has a choice to do one thing or another. Now each choice can lead to a consequence, either good or bad. Noel and I were given a choice by Pops. A puppy or a fish tank. Now think about what you would choose.

We chose a fish tank, no hesitation. The only thing is that we did not get to choose the fish tank. We gave Pops some options that we liked and we sent him fish tanks that would be good for the "safari." Like we wanted one that was big enough so that everyone could see the fish without fighting.

Pops called and stated that he got the fish tank and that he wanted to come down that day. So he came from San Antonio to help set up the fish tank. He should up and showed us that he decided on 90 gallons. The fish tank is great.

Pops took the "safari" to PetSmart and let them pick up some accessories for the fish tank. Elijah picked a dinosaur, and the others just wanted to see the fish.

So here is a picture of the fish tank.

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