Wednesday, August 4, 2010

My "safari" say the funniest things in public!!!

Pops came to our house a couple of weeks ago to give the "safari" their birthday present; a 90 gallon fish tank. After shopping with the "safari" and letting them pick the decorations for the fish tank, Pops took us all out to dinner.

We were eating and Elijah decided that he needed to go potty. He wanted Pops to take him and Pops was more than willing to go. So they walk to the bathroom to find that the stalls are both full and the only thing that is left is the urinal. Now Elijah at first was not that excited about that. Given the choice of waiting for one of the stalls to open or peeing right then; he was okay with the urinal.

Elijah pulls his pants down and Pops picks him up to pee in the urinal and that is when my funny man made his comment. He asked "Pops can you hold my penis?" Now you have to put in your head that the two stalls in the bathroom are full and they are not the only people at the urinals. So complete silence went to laughter. Pops was a little red.

As a mother I am proud that my son named his anatomy with the right term and that he made a couple of men laugh. Now that story was probably told to whomever they encountered that day. So that is a potential of a lot of laughter.

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