Friday, July 16, 2010


When we bought our house we did not know what trees and bushes we had in our backyard. So Noel decided to take a bush out that was next to the air conditioning unit because it was ugly. Well behind that bush there was a little tree/bush looking thing that Noel left alone. In this picture you have to look behind the bush and you can see the fig tree but it is only about 12-15" tall. Do you see it?

I hope that you saw it, because this is what our fig tree looks like today.

Now we love our fig tree. Last year we trimmed our fig tree so that it was not hanging over the A/C unit. It grew fantastically, so much that it grew about 18" in every direction this year. We have figs all over the tree. We pulled the first fig off and we were totally surprised at the size of the fig. I put it in my hand so that you could really understand the size of it. Now most people have not eaten a really fig, but just what they had in a fig newton. Those are two totally different tastes. Our "safari" love figs and Noel and them just eat them straight off the tree. It is great.

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Marti said...

huh,,, go "fig"ure. :P