Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Fireworks, Oh My!

Well it is that time again, heat, food, darkness and fireworks. This year we added the "safari" to that mix. Noel and I thought it was time for the "safari" to stay up late and see the fireworks. Usually they are in bed and asleep by the time all the festivities are going on.

We went to church and had a late lunch and made the "safari" take a nap so they would last until 9:15pm when the fireworks were going to start. We had company over for the festivities and that means there was food. We had the Gilbert's and my parents with my nephew Aiden. We had bbq chicken, spiral ham, green bean casserole, potato salad, salad, and my banana pudding. The banana pudding got Rob out of bed and over to the house before he had to go to work for APD. It was great food and lots of fun with all of us sitting and enjoying all the great food.

After that Rob put his Austin Police Uniform on and let the kids see the police car and hear the sirens and listen to Rob speak through the speaker. Rob grew a crowd of kids with all the commotion.

After that we all hung out until it was time for the fireworks. The great thing about our house is that we are close to the huge fireworks show at Milburn park in Cedar Park. We got to sit in our backyard and watch fireworks, and we did not have to travel anywhere. The "safari" had popcorn, kool-aide, and goldfish for the fireworks. As soon as the first firework went off Joshua jumped out of Nana's lap and ran inside. Jacob, Esther, Hannah, and Elijah were okay with the fireworks as long as they were sitting with someone. Hannah lasted the longest and only came in when she started to get eaten by the bugs. Hopefully the "safari" will grow to like all the noise and pretty lights. They slept really well.

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