Friday, July 9, 2010

Our Secret

Noel and I have been keeping a secret for about 4 months and we decided that we could no longer keep it to ourselves, so we thought that we would share it......

NO WE ARE NOT PREGNANT!!! All of you that thought that are just wrong, why would you wish that on us?

No, we had to keep a secret from one of our friends, Kimber, for her birthday. In March Noel found out that Jeff Dunham was coming to Austin and he called the usual suspects to see they wanted to go. Last year my brother Ben and his wife, Tracy went with us, but this year Tracy was going to 9 months pregnant and so they passed. Noel was talking to Rob and he said "yes" because that would be a great surprise for Kimber's birthday. Kimber's birthday is June 28th. That is right I had to keep this secret for a long time.

So Rob decided to have dinner and then we would go and see Jeff Dunham. We went to Perry's. Noel and I had never been and so we were excited to try something new, and we do not get out much and so it was nice. The food was expensive for us on a budget. We loved the food but we would go on Monday night for their special or for lunch on Friday when their famous pork chop is $10.95 and not $30.00. The experience was great and we liked the atmosphere. The restraunt is in an old bank and looks fabulous.

Jeff Dunham was good and we loved his show. Kimber was totally surprised and she has no clue what was going on. Thank you mom for coming and watching the "safari" for the evening.

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Trish said...

You and Noel both looked very nice. You looked beautiful Jenni-Mae. It was nice to see you get dressed up some and be able to go on a date. The children and I had a great time. You are good friends, great parents, and great children. Love you, mom.