Sunday, January 27, 2013

Pride comes before the fall!

Being a preacher's kid come with some stereotypes, but no one says that as a preacher's kid and spouse you see all the behind the scenes things that a normal member does not see.

That is what has been going on with my dad for the last five years. People in power who think there should be changes find men in positions with no courage and they get together to form alliances and church becomes a corrupt business instead of a church.

When a pastor does not pray or study God's word with his staff how can he stand in the pulpit and shepherd the congregation when the staff is not being shepherded?

The way I see it the pastor should be the leader and the first one to fall on his face before God. Not be the first person to try to get rid of the men of God in the church that are the ones praying.

So many churches are running their church from the balance sheet instead of on their faces before God asking Him what He wants from the church. When did churches become businesses?

I am so proud of my father who has always been a man in constant pray and meditation with God. The one that does not look at how much someone has but at how he can minister to that person from helping with finances, helping with transportation, taking people to doctor's appointments, sitting with people in hospital rooms, taking people to airports, having people live in his house....etc. As it says my father is not a fan of Christ but a follower.

Is it easy? No and there are times where there is persecution and when other people feel threatened and under conviction being around a man of God. These men want to on the right team but want to be a benchwarmers.

Way to go Dad!!!! Your daughter is proud and humbled. I love you and our family loves you.

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