Saturday, April 13, 2013

Part 1 of Saturday's Adventures

We are in San Antonio this weekend for the strawberry festival. Also this weekend is Build N Grow weekend. The kids have a fun day today.

This morning we ate at Krispy Kreme and went inside. Most of the time we eat at a local doughnut shop but not this weekend. The kids saw the glaze machine and got to pick their own doughnuts. The icing was the hats at the end.

Next we went to Build N Grow if you have kids you should really check it out. You register online and you get an apron and a patch for each project and it is FREE. This month they made planters. We could tell we were not in Austin anymore the organization of the event was not the same but the kids had fun. They especially liked the no goggles rule in San Antonio.

We are now going to pick up Pops and go to the festival. More to come!!!

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