Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Becoming a SAHM

Well this is a first for me. I have never blogged or had a reason to. This will soon be my release from the stress and memories of my life and day to day activities with 5 children. Soon I will be a SAHM, actually in three days. I am excited about being a SAHM and I am actually surprised at how at peace I am with it. This is definitely a God thing. I have always grown up with the ambition to be the best and at the top of whatever I did. My calling for over 10 years has been retail, and becoming a store manager. I still work in retail but I never did make the store manager part just the number two spot. I thought that would make me a little bitter, but instead I am excited about being a SAHM with my children and getting to watch them grow, learn and kill each other on a daily basis. Also I am looking forward to being home when my husband comes home instead of having crazy hours like 4am and staying at work until midnight. Being able to plan things will be much easier since I will not have to work on weekends anymore. It is going to be a sacrifice but a sacrifice that I am excited about. Speaking of being a SAHM we are cutting teeth and having fun with Esther today.


J-Man said...

Welcome aboard the blogging train. As a SAHM you can hang with us ladies from class and all our kiddos, too. Envision the madness! Yeah!

Marti said...

Diana showed me your blog. Fun! I'm very excited to have playdates and watch our little ones grow together. :) Welcome to the most caring community I have ever belonged to. The blogging is also the best. It's like being able to chat and catch up with all your friends in just 10 minutes - and at whatever time is actually "convenient" with toddlers.... Can't wait to meet baby Hannah!