Saturday, June 28, 2008

Baby Shower

WOW! My husband and I have been members of the New Parents class for less than three months. We have been welcomed and felt apart of the class from the beginning. We have been missing out on fellowship since we had the triplets because it is so hard to find the time and freedom to see people that are older than 18 months of age that we are not related to already. When we visited the class we were automatically asked to go to functions. Also the functions seemed to work around the schedule of small children, like bedtime.
Today we had a shower at my house for my fifth child. The ladies of the class came and we socialized and then they did something that just melted my heart. They prayed for me. I am excited about having this child and being apart of a class that actually are apart of each other's lives. Also my daughter will have plenty of playmates with all the ladies in the class that are having babies in the next month or two, I think that we are up to six. We have taken the scripture literally "be fruitful and multiply."

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