Saturday, September 25, 2010

T-Ball Anyone?

Elijah, Joshua, Esther Mae, and Jacob are all playing T-Ball this season. The triplets are on the 3 year old team and Elijah is on the 4 year T-ball team. They got to practice only once before their first game because it rained on Tuesday. I think that they did outstanding.

I put their last name on their jerseys so they would look nice. Also we were lucky to be able to pick our numbers for the triplets. Noel picked 2,3,and 4. So I made sure that Joshua, Esther Mae, and Jacob got the number that went with their birth order. Noel told us that we should make them wear numbers all the time.

The game is only 2 innings. Each player gets to hit the ball and then run to first base and then the last batter for that team gets to bat and run all the bases. Then you switch and do that for 2 innings. I was very proud of the "safari" because they played the entire game and did not quit.

Also we used our first porta potty. We survived and I am sure that we will survive it the next time that we have to use them.

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Trish said...

I am hoping next week we can come and watch them play. They look so cute. Man those helmets are very large. They looked like they had a good time. Love you all Nanna and mom.