Saturday, October 16, 2010

When It Rains, It Pours!

Have you ever noticed that when something is going on in your life that is not so good that other things happen at the same time? For instance, when one person gets sick everyone gets sick. Well, it is no different in our house.

Like most of you know, last Friday I demolished Noel's car and then this Friday Jacob tried to trump me. Noel came home at lunch so that I could go clean a house and he was downstairs when he heard a thud. He knew that something bad happened because soon after the thud was the screams of Jacob. He goes upstairs to see Jacob rolling around on the floor screaming in pain.

Elijah, Esther Mae, and Jacob thought it would be good idea to put one of their mattresses up against the closet wall and climb up the mattress and then jump off. Well, we assume that Jacob was the sacrificial lamb in this endeavour. Jacob climbed up the mattress and grab a toddler rocking chair from the top shelf, when he jumped he landed wrong on his shoulder. After everyone was disciplined Noel brought Jacob downstairs and he slept on Noel's chest during nap time.

After some discussion we removed all the mattresses that where hard enough to be used as a climbing ladder and moved Jacob in the room with Joshua and Hannah; leaving the evil minds in the room together. You see, Hannah and Joshua are mellow enough together that there is hardly any trouble with them. So Jacob was given some Motrin and we let him sleep in the room with Hannah and Joshua.

This morning he woke up about 4:30 this morning crying because he was in pain. Jacob slept with Noel and I for the rest of the morning and then we decided to take him to urgent care when he could not get out of our bed. Noel took Esther Mae, Joshua and Elijah to T-ball and I went to Urgent Care with Hannah and Jacob.

Jacob has a fracture in his clavicle and has to see an orthopedic because of an AC might be torn. So on Monday I have to get him an appointment, to see what is going on and what we will have to do. Also did I mention that Noel is leaving on Sunday for Tennessee for the week because he is taking a class? I am thankful for my family that is close so I can take Jacob to his appointment. Please pray that we get seen soon in the week and that Jacob will understand that he cannot play as hard with his arm. Have you ever has to tell a 3 year old boy that he cannot move his arm and that he has to keep it in the sling and not play too hard? Let me tell you that it is hard.

Thank you for everyone that is praying for our family. We are doing well, considering we are healing and working hard to get the Firebird running so that Noel has a vehicle for travel season. Please pray that Noel and Dominic get the car up and running. Thank you Rob and Kimber for allowing us to use your vehicle while we get the Firebird running; you are great friends.

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Trish said...

We are praying for quick healing for Jacob and for him to not have too much pain. Children have no natural fear and yours defintely don't.