Friday, October 1, 2010

A Weekend at the Lake House!

Noel and I took the "safari" to the lake house this month to make sure that they got to swim before the weather changes. Nana and Poppy Bobby came to the lake house as well.

We arrived on Friday afternoon and the "safari" got to swim in a kids pool and just hanging out. Then Nana made hamburgers and hotdogs for dinner. The "safari" got to watch lot of TV and then got to sleep on a queen air mattress. On Saturday we rode on the boat to the sandbar. Then we had lunch and rest time before we went fishing. Everyone fell asleep for at least an hour. In the pictures you will see that everyone decided to sleep on the couch with momma except for Jacob. After nap we went fishing off the dock at the lake house. Now Poppy Bobby has learned that it is more fun for a kid if they actually get to catch the fish, so he has a fish feeder. Elijah, Jacob and Esther Mae fished and caught something. The other two did not want anything to do with the fishing, but wanted to touch the fish that were caught. Jacob caught the biggest fish with a 2 pound catfish. We had dinner and then watched some more football before coming home.

The funniest thing was that at the lake house there are not so many rules as the house. For example: there is no diet when you are at the lake house, there is no certain bedtime and you can pee on trees because there is only family at the lake house.

Enjoy the pictures.

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kjb0203 said...

OH MY GOSH!!! Those are some blackmail pictures if I've ever seen one. I bet you can't wait until the dates come around and you bring out the photo album!

Those hinnies are precious!
Love you all,
Aunt Kim