Saturday, January 1, 2011

Christmas with Pops

When you get married you always want to see everyone for the holidays; well at least I do. I have been blessed to love and enjoy my in-laws. We went to see Pops in San Antonio the weekend before Christmas and Pops decided to give the "safari" their Christmas then.

The "safari" are at the age now when they do not totally understand asking for gifts but know how to open gifts better than anyone else. Pops got a real tree, put lights on the house and everything. The "safari" was totally thrilled and loved the gifts that they received. The big gift this year was tricycles. I found these really cool tricycles at Sams. Then Pops got the "safari" more Legos and then furry pets. Noel and I are okay with any pet that requires just batteries and no maintenance.

In the pictures you will see Noel putting Legos together. The truck is what I put together and it took me about 20 minutes to build and 20 seconds for Jacob to take apart. Thank you Pops for a wonderful Christmas. The "safari" love their gifts but love you more.

Noel and I received money. Noel bought phone accesories and things for his Firebird and I bought a new sewing machine that I had been looking at for about 4 months. Thank you. Well here are a few pictures of the "safari" playing with their new toys from Pops and riding their tricycles on the street they own now.

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