Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Simple Christmas

Noel and I have decided that we want to make Christmas about Jesus and less about stuff. Nana, Papa, Nana Gail, Poppy Bobby, and Pops have enough fun buying them things that we thought we would keep it simple. Last year I made them Quiet Books and this year I could not think of something to make, until about 1 month ago.

My "safari" got into the superhero thing with capes. Now I do not have capes in my house and so my kitchen dish towels became capes. That is fine in all if you do not have 5 toddlers wanting to be superheros all at once. So I looked online and found this great site that gave me a free pattern and I was off and running. I have made 11 of these capes and more to come in the next couple of months. The "safari" love them and like telling people that they can fly now. If you are thinking this would be a great birthday gift or party favor here is the site where I found the pattern.

I had fun making them and it was worth the "safari" flying into the sunset with them on Christmas.

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Marti said...

Oh.... I do love these! Thanks so much for sharing! I absolutely love your energy and creativity! (and adorable kids.....)