Monday, February 21, 2011

Good Sports

The "safari" have been doing the program Accountable Kids. It is a great program and very good for our "safari." Well in the program there is instant gratification and delayed gratification. After 10 days of doing your daily chores/duties then you get to go on a date with someone. The "safari" have been to the movies, Chucky Cheese and the girls had a tea party. Well this time the "safari" all decided that they wanted to go to the zoo with Pops when we were in San Antonio. They did their chores and collected their stars and were really excited about the zoo.

Well we get to San Antonio on Friday night and on Saturday morning it is raining. It rained all day, so Pops told the "safari" he would take them to the movies and we would walk around Bass Pro Shop and look at the animals in there. The "safari" agreed as long as they go to the go to the zoo later.

Elijah was sad because he wanted to see the flamingos. So we went to the Bass Pro Shop and saw the fish in the huge tank, and all the stuffed animals in the store. There were bears, lions, zebras, monkeys, deer, elk, moose, raccoons, skunks, foxes, hogs, and turkeys. Then we went and saw Gnomeo and Juliet. Guess what there is a flamingo in the movie, so we lucked out and saved the day.

Hopefully next time we get to go to the zoo, or maybe Sea World. It is great to see our "safari" getting bigger and smarter. WE are really excited about getting ready to homeschool and start Kindergarten in the fall with all of them. Next blog you will get to see my first quilt that I have finished.

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