Monday, January 16, 2012

Relish, relish!

Have you ever had something that you could not live without? Did you ever eat anything your grandmother made that you had to have?

Well I have several. Mush, cocktail sauce, oven BBQ chicken, spaghetti sauce and relish. Now the relish that my grandmother canned was not made with pickles but green tomatoes. So my mother and I have made relish several times, and each time we run out before the next batch. It is awesome on hotdogs, hamburgers, and in potato salad.

Today we made another batch. The tomatoes were green at sprouts, and all the ingredients were on sale. You know you have an awesome recipe from grandma when you need 1 gallons of green tomatoes how many is that?

Everyone in my family loves it. So we will see who calls first.

The picture is half of what we made, we got 13 jars. That is some awesome condiment in my pantry.

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