Saturday, November 21, 2009


When you get married you have traditions that you bring with you. You have traditions about Thanksgiving, Christmas and other occasions. Do you have Thanksgiving dinner on Thanksgiving or do you go hunting and eat dinner on another day? On Christmas do you introduce Santa Clause or do you just talk about the man St. Nick and focus on Christ? Each house is different.

I know that in our home we want Christ to be at the center of Christmas and the importance of giving to those that are not in the same situation as our "safari." With our "safari" being small still we have tried to make it fun and exciting for them. Noel and I decided to be apart of Operation Christmas Child through Samaritan's Purse.

I talked about the boxes and the children that we are sending the boxes to. The "safari" was excited about it. Yesterday we watched the video on Operation Christmas Child on the webpage and the "safari" got even more excited. Today we went to Wal-Mart to get the things for the boxes. This year we decided that we would do two boxes, one for a girl and one for a boy.

The "safari" walked the school supply aisle, the toy department and then the Health and Beauty Aisles. We picked our items. Then we came home and put our boxes together. We wrapped the bottom of the box, filled the boxes and then set them on the floor. The "safari" and I prayed for the boy and the girl that will get our boxes and that they will have a wonderful Christmas and know Jesus.

Here are a couple pictures from that experience.

In a couple of weeks we are going to start another tradition in our family. The Jesse Tree. If you have not heard about this tradition or just want something that you can do with your children please check this out. Here is a webpage that will help. We will posting our experience with this tradition.

Hope that everyone is getting excited about Thanksgiving and Christmas. I know that Noel and I are because this is really the first Christmas where our "safari" is starting to understand Christmas.


Dominic said...

Hey y'all. I know I keep kind of gushing about y'all on your blog, but I just want to tell you how heart-warming it is to read these stories about the safari and y'all and how you work so hard to make it about God. I almost cried when I read this entry the other night.

I dunno. I know I don't talk/hang out with y'all enough, but I still love you bunches. Just so you know.

- dom

Trish said...

I love reading about the things you are exposing your children to. Missions are so important and in a world that is so me orientated, it is good to see you teaching your children Jesus wants us to be about giving. Keep on teaching them at home and taking them to church. God is pleased when we do just that. I love all of you and am looking forward to spending Thanksgiving with all of you. Love Mom