Sunday, November 15, 2009


Yeah, those are the words that came out of mouth along with some other words like, Please don't do that, STOP, Elijah!, Joshua that is what you get.

So here is the story.... This last week Elijah has been wanting to pee while standing up because he sees daddy do that and so he wants to be like daddy. So he stands on a step stool and pulls his pants down and holds himself. The aim is horrible and I have to clean the bathroom every other day but hey practice makes perfect right?

Well the other day he is peeing in the bathroom and getting a good percentage in the toilet when Joshua runs over and calls Elijah's name. What happens next is that Elijah forgetting that he is peeing turns in the direction of Joshua and pees on the floor, wall and on Joshua. Joshua's response was "Mommy I am wet."

So now Elijah when he stands to pee in the toilet has to close the door so that he is not distracted from the activity at hand. Don't you just love boys?

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gwyneth said...

Ah, the things to look forward to. I remember going to the house of a neighbor boy when i was little and seeing a sticker of an octopus holding a target at the bottom of his toilet. Having all sisters and no brothers, I had no idea what it was for, and was very confused at the explanation. I also never figured out if it actually worked.