Monday, November 9, 2009


Vacation was GREAT!!! Noel and I were able to enjoy our week. We spent some time at the Lake House; which was really quiet because no one was there. The lake was beautiful and empty. We watched television, worked and enjoyed the silence and the lack of "daily" duties.

We spent the rest of our vacation enjoying Noel's dad in San Antonio and the alone time with him without the "safari." We ate out every meal, watched movies in movie theaters, and just enjoyed our time together. It is amazing how the everyday activities just keep you going throughout the day, week, month, and year. I am glad that we had the opportunity to hang out with each other.

I do have to admit though that I missed our "safari." The calls that I made were not enough and by the end of the week I wanted to go home. So we went home on Friday night instead of Saturday afternoon. The "safari" did really well with Nana and did not give her a hard time. They got to make cookies, play with play-dough, color, go to the park and other activities. Hannah had the hardest time because she wanted Mommy when she was tired or she got hurt, but she hung in there and made it through the week.

I wanted to thank my mother for keeping the "safari" for the week and for her time and energy. Thank you dad for coming and playing with the "safari" as well and for lending mom to Noel and I for the week. Thank you Bobby and Gail for lending us the lake house. Micheal thank you for spoiling us while we were in your home and for letting us stay with you for most of the week. We enjoyed ourselves and the company that we had.

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