Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Blood and your Kids

A mother can remember the very first time her child gets hurt. Now in my situation I can remember the first time that Elijah got hurt, but that is the only one of my "safari" that I can distinctively remember their first injury.

I was a typical mother when Elijah got hurt for the first time. Elijah fell on the bench in our entrance and cut himself above the eye. I screamed and cried more than Elijah did. Here is a picture of the first injury that Elijah got.

Now today the site of blood and someone crying because they got hurt does not affect me as much. For an example Joshua has busted his lip countless times. This morning he was trying to get down from the table and did not judge the distance from the table correctly and busted his lip. He came to me in the other room with blood on his hands, his face and him crying. My reaction was great another injury. I took him to the sink rinsed him off and made sure that he was okay and that he got some hugs. I did not cry, freak out or even call for Noel.

I have come to the realization that I will be wiping blood off a lot in my "safari's" childhood and that I will have to be the strong one or my "safari" is going to send me to the mental hospital. I mean they are not even all 3 yet and they are jumping, climbing, wrestling, pushing, tackling and just being kids, but the odds of injury goes up because I have 5 of them.

I have also stopped taking pictures of the "safari's" injuries because I do not have time to do it every time they decide to get a bruise. I am just glad that it is cold season and that my "safari" is wearing pants because they play hard and their legs prove that.

My advice is that your kid(s) are going to bleed and the first time is going to be hard, but you have to remember that your children react to how you react to the situation. I just make sure that I pray a lot for the safety of my children from themselves and their siblings.

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