Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Lets Decorate our Tree!

It is so neat to see our "safari" grow up. This is the first year that they helped put the Christmas tree together.

Noel took the Christmas tree out of the attic and we brought it downstairs. The next morning the "safari" saw the boxes and were automatically excited about whatever was in the boxes. We told them that we were going to put that tree up later.

While the "safari" was eating lunch Noel and I put the tree together. After lunch we started to decorate the tree. At first they did not understand that the ornaments were for the tree and not for them to play with. They enjoyed putting the ornaments on the tree. We will see how it will be for the next month with getting them to stay away from the tree and not to touch the ornaments.

Nana was excited to help because she is not putting her tree up this year. My mom and dad are going on a cruise in December and will not be in their house for very long before Christmas. So this was a nice opportunity for Nana to help decorate a tree since they are not putting one up.

Here are a few pictures of the "safari" putting their first ornaments on the our Christmas tree. We are also excited about our Jesse tree as well.

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