Thursday, February 18, 2010

Hurricane Season

I thought that I was in a down-pour only to find out that we are in hurricane season.

Joshua had to go back to the emergency room on Tuesday because his face was swollen and there was a lot of redness around his eyes and nose. After only being in the waiting room for 3.5 hours this time we were seen by a physician. He cleaned Joshua's wound and told us that we needed to make an appointment with the wound care people in two days.

This morning Esther and Hannah woke up with fevers and coughs that did not sound so good. We went and saw our pediatrician, Dr. Rane Nishi. We found out that Esther has an ear infection and Hannah is fighting some kind of bug. Then this afternoon I took Joshua to the wound care facility and got Joshua's head looked at. The wound looks good and was cleaned and redressed. He has to go back on Tuesday to see the progression of this wound.

I called Pop's, Noel's dad, on our way home and was discussing how things always happen when Noel is out of town and during travel season. We also discussed how when Joshua gets older his scar will probably be hidden by his hair and how the store will be like the fish that got away. His story will be about how we had the dog lick his wound, it got infected, no one was around to drive him to the hospital so he had to drive himself.

Noel is home and hopefully we have had our hurricane quota for a while. Thank you for all the emails, text messages, and phone calls asking about Joshua. Joshua is doing great and I thank God everyday that he is such a mellow child.


cheryl said...

BUMMER!!! I'm so sorry that y'all have had such a rough time of it.
Continuing to pray for y'all!
Maybe the kids are getting all this crazy stuff out while they're little and they'll just be perfect and healthy when they're older. (hey, you can dream right!) :o)

Anonymous said...

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