Tuesday, February 16, 2010

When It Rains It POURS!

I have always heard that saying and thought that the way our lives were that was the NORM. I now understand that what that saying means is that when it rains you can handle that but when it starts to pour that is when you cannot handle life by yourself anymore and you need help.

Last week was the start of the rain. Joshua and Elijah with bloody noses. We have now put a humidifier in their room and make sure that we use petroleum jelly in their noses when they sleep. Then we had Joshua split his head open on Saturday and got that fixed. On Monday Hannah had her appointment where we found that we have to get all of our children tested and that he wants Hannah on antibiotics for 6 months then get her tested again and go from there. Monday we also went to see our pediatrician because Joshua had a high fever. When we got there we found out that our pediatrician was off and that we had to see another pediatrician in the office. She stated that the high fever might be from some redness in his ear and she wrote us a prescription.

After dinner I went and got the prescription filled and took Joshua with me. When we got back Noel changed Joshua and noticed that there was some puss coming from his head. Well that means bad things, so Joshua and I went to Dell's Children Hospital only to find out that everyone was there. We were at the emergency room from 8pm-3am. After we were taken to a room the doctor came in and said that his head looked bad. He asked what happened and I told him the story. You see with open wounds there is a 1 in 100 chance of infection no matter how careful the doctors are. I should have know that we would be that 1 we always are. 1 in 100 get pregnant on birth control, that was us. 1 in 9 million have the spontaneous triplets we have, that was us. 1 in 10,000 get pregnant when both parties are using protection, that was us. So why would we not be the 1 in 100?

So the doctor told me that they would give him a drug called Ketamine. This drug will allow the doctor to do what he needed to do without Joshua feeling it and without him being knocked out. So they gave him the drug and then the doctor cut open the head wound, flushed out the puss and then packed the wound. Put some gauze on his head and wrapped his head. Now we have to go back tomorrow to see if the infection, cellulitis and abscess are healing or if they have to do the procedure again. They also put him on a strong antibiotic that he had to take 3 times a day for 10 days. I know that the medication costs a lot of money if you do not have insurance, thank God we do. Here is a picture I took of Joshua in his gown in the waiting room with his puss coming out of his wound, and he is sleeping in my arms.

On top of all of that my mother is out of town and Noel left early this morning for another week of travel. I am hoping for some sunshine in my future. I would like a day here or there.

Here is a picture of Joshua from this morning. The good thing is that he is sleeping right now; he had a horrible and long night.


HB said...

Oh Jennifer, thank you for sharing the hard stuff. I'll be praying for you guys today!

Angela said...

Hi, Popped over from MoM! I have had those days, in fact last week was one after another! Sorry about your little one's head! Ouch! Love reading about big families too! Makes it easier to know other's are in the same boat!