Thursday, February 11, 2010

Blood and More Blood

When you get married you do not think to ask your future spouse about all the genetic things that your children might have or traits that your spouse had as a child that you might get in your children.

I never thought to ask Noel if he had bloody noses as a kid. Well I wish that I had. You see when I was growing up my brothers and I played hard and we had bruises and scratches and on occasion a serious injury but we were and are not bleeders. Apparently Noel is.

With the weather being dry and the heater being on in the house our house is really dry. So Joshua and Elijah have been getting bloody noses. Elijah came into our room on Monday at around 3:30 a.m. with both his hands covered in blood and his face. Now as a mother that is not something that you want to wake up to. Noel was the calm one and cleaned Elijah up and got his nose to stop bleeding. The very next morning the same thing happened.

Last night we were on our way to bed when Jacob started to have a night terror. I went in to see if I could calm him down without waking him up totally from his sleep. Noel walked in and asked if I had seen Joshua. He was sleeping so I had no idea what he was talking about. His face was covered in dried blood and he was sleeping. We woke him up to clean his face and his nose started to bleed. It took over 30 minutes to stop the bleeding. Also the bleeding was not slow but fast and he was swallowing his blood from his nose. I was scared to death but Noel was calm. We put the humidifier in their room and it seems to be helping. We will live with that humidifier until the air changes or the temperature outside does.

This morning I was talking to Noel's mother and she stated that Noel had the same thing. Yeah for me! I am going to have bleeders. I am just glad that I have the stomache for it because with 5 children in the same stage in life there is going to be lots of moments for bleeding to occur.

Sorry there are not pictures because that is not something that I want to share with everyone. Know that Joshua is fine. There is never a dull moment in our lives.


J-Man said...

We've had five bloody days in the past eight days. Apparently Kip is a walking accident waiting to happen. I'm thinking of wrapping him up in bubble wrap for awhile. I share your bloody pain. Hang in there.

cheryl said...

oh what a huge bummer! glad that you had Noel there when it happened!