Saturday, January 30, 2010

This Week

It seems like I have not blogged in a while, so I thought I would let you know what we have been up to.

We joined the YMCA last week and so the "safari" and I have been enjoying that experience. The triplets and Hannah get to play together with other children and then Elijah gets to play on this 2-3 story indoor playscape. Mommy has enjoyed the STEP classes that are offered, but have not enjoyed the pain the next morning. Also I am in a Bible study at Grace and the "safari" gets to play with more children.

Hannah got sick this week. So we went to see our favorite pediatrician, DR. Rane Nishi. Hannah has strep throat and another UTI. I am telling you we cannot get to February 15th fast enough. They had to put a catheter in her and she fought hard for that not to happen. Then they had to swab her mouth so she was not a happy camper at all.

Noel again traveled this week. I say that like it was just a once in a while thing, but it is not. He travels a lot more in the next couple of months. It is nice to see him and the "safari" have really missed him this year more than last year. Jacob is having the hardest time. The other night he woke up screaming for daddy. I tried to comfort him but he did not want anything to do with me; he wanted daddy. So daddy is on call when he travels for a phone call in the middle of the night to talk to Jacob. Please pray that Jacob can process travel season better.

Well I think that is all that happened this week. I will try to blog more, but of course who knows what next week will bring. I am also going to try to get the "safari" to sing their ABC's on the video camera. It is too cute.


J-Man said...

Poor sweet Hannah. Can you get on a cancellation list with the specialist? We were able to see Kip's GI specialist 4 weeks early because of a cancellation. Hang in there!

CW said...

Hang in there there is any other option. We think of you, the safari and of course wee Hannah. Many prayers to you all. And, of course, safe travels for Noel.

Trish said...

I know the children miss Noel when he is gone. Just keep telling them that daddy loves them and he will be home soon. It is also good that Noel is available to call when it gets tough. Just think about those military wives who can't call their husbands. I am lifting Hannah up in prayer. I would call to see if you can get in earlier. I love you, mom.