Sunday, January 10, 2010

Peep Show

In the last couple of weeks we have let Elijah have the opportunity to pee in the upstairs toilet at nap time. The other day I was downstairs doing chores and heard the toilet upstairs flush. I smiled because I was so proud that Elijah was using the toilet.

About 30 minutes later I heard a knock at the door. I was curious because I was not expecting packages or company. It was one of our neighbors. She had a smile on her face like she had been laughing. I asked if I could help her and she went on to tell me that Elijah was in the window with nothing from the waist down. As I tried not to laugh she stated that we must be potty training. I thanked her and went upstairs.

Elijah was standing in the window watching the cars go by naked from the waist down. Noel bought some window tint about a month ago. We are going to have to put that up so if it happens again the outside world will not know that Elijah is naked because they will not be able to see in through the window.

What is your most embarassing moment that your child had done to you?

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KJ said...

Ha ha ha...that is pretty funny! I think for us it would be the twins open mouth kissing at the worst possible time. Usually while I'm busy grabbing stuff at the grocery store, I'll hear some laughs behind me, turn around and see the boys kissing. Cute yes, but more cute at home!