Saturday, January 23, 2010

Poor Hannah

I took Hannah to the doctor's a couple months ago because she had a fever and was not feeling well. Our pediatrician told us that she had a UTI (urinary tract infection). Well if a small child gets a UTI they usually want to get them checked out to make sure that the urine is moving in the right direction and not refluxing.

Yesterday Noel and I took Hannah to Dell's Children Hospital to see the Children Imaging center for the ARA (Austin Radiological Association). Hannah had an ultrasound of her kidneys. The people at the imagine center were fantastic. They had fish circling the room. Hannah just laid there and let them do their thing. Well that was the easy test of the day. After that she had to get a VCUG. That is where they put a catheter in and shut dye into her bladder, take pictures and then get her to release that dye. They strapped her to a table, rotated her and took some pictures with a massive machine. Hannah was not thrilled to be restrained. Then they wanted her to pee, well being my daughter, she decided that she was not going to pee for them. They poured about 4-5 cups of warm water on her before she could not resist anymore.

We got the test results back and Hannah has stage III Vesicoureteral reflux. Let me explain: After your kidneys process your fluids they go down into your bladder, well that fluid is sterile when it goes down. When your bladder is full then you pee, while your body waits to pee that sterile fluid becomes contaminated. When you pee you are suppose to release that pee in one direction. Well with Vesicoureteral reflux some of that contaminated pee goes the wrong direction, back to the kidneys. The stage that you are given is determinant on how far the fluid goes up to the kidneys. Hannah has a stage III which means that the fluid goes all the way to the kidneys. This is not good.

We are seeing a pediatric urologist on the 15th of February to talk about our options. Now there is a chance that with medication that Hannah will grow out of this but there is also a chance that she will have to have surgery to fix the problem. For right now Hannah is on a low-dose antibiotic and will be on it until we see the urologist.

Please pray that Hannah will stay healthy and not have anymore UTI's and that she will be healed by either time or a skilled surgeon. The ultrasound showed that there has not been any significant damage to the kidneys. I will provide you some information through links so that you can learn more. Please keep her in your prayers.

Here is a great webpage that explains Hannah's condition.

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cheryl said...

Awww...sweet girl. So sorry to hear! We'll be praying for complete healing ASAP! She's a tough cookie.

Gracie and Lukes Mom said...

I will keep Hannah in my prayers. I'm so sorry that she is going through this. I hope the doctors or the medicine will help.

Koby said...

Thank you for the loving generosity and blessing you bestow upon the Wilcoxson family. I pray you carry them through this time of struggle and bring the right people and resources together for Your purpose and wisdom in caring for Hannah. If it is you will Lord, I pray that Hannah would be fully healed with no further complications and in a way that shows only Your glory. In Jesus Name, Amen.

our little family of 4 said...

We will be thinking and praying about your whole family! I hope your sweet little girl finds relief soon!!


Trish said...

Dear Heavenly Father I know you love Hannah even more than I do and so I know she is in your loving care. I pray that you will heal Hannah either by your hand or the hands of the doctors that you place in her pathway. I pray for peace for Jenni-Mae and Noel. We love Hannah so very much and I know you know that. I am going to thank you right now for the outcome of this situation and that through it all you will get the glory. In the precious name of Jesus. Amen