Friday, January 1, 2010

ACLU, Merry Christmas

About a month ago I received an email that the ACLU was trying to get "Merry Christmas" removed because it was against some religious beliefs and that "Happy Holidays" was more politically correct and religious sensitive.

A couple days later I read an advertisement that the ACLU was trying to get "Merry Christmas" removed and that if you believed in Christmas and the true meaning that you should send the ACLU in your area a "Merry Christmas" card to remind them what the true meaning of Christmas is.

I decided that was a great idea and so I sent one of our Christmas cards to the local office in Austin. Well apparently they received hundreds if not thousands of Christmas cards because I received a response from the ACLU. They gave me a letter that was more than 4 pages long on how they have protected the religious freedoms their entire existence and that they just want all religions to feel free in this country and that is why it would be better to say "happy holidays" but at the end of the letter they wanted me to feel special and they wished me a Merry Christmas.

I found it heart breaking that we are a country that has become so politically correct that we are willing to give up our freedom to say "merry Christmas" because we might hurt someones feelings. In this family we will ALWAYS say MERRY CHRISTMAS no matter what any political organization might want. When we take Christ out of Christmas or replace him with Holidays then we are selling our beliefs short and we need to stand for what we believe even if it is not the Politically Correct thing to do. I would rather share my faith with someone then sit silently because I might offend someone. When I stand before God and he asks me why I did not witness to someone I do not think "I was trying to be Politically Correct and I did not want to hurt some one's feelings" is going to make God happy.