Saturday, January 9, 2010

Two Squares

Esther is really getting the hang of potty training. She tells me when she needs to go and very seldom has an accident. I bought her panties today; she is totally excited that Monday she gets to wear her panties.

With potty training it seems that my "safari" likes to pee when I am in the middle of something. They other day I was in the middle of something and Esther needed some toilet paper. She cannot reach it because her arms are not long enough. The first thing in my mind was to send Elijah in the bathroom to help her. The first time he gave her one piece of toilet paper. So the next time I made the comment "Elijah give Esther two squares."

Later that day Esther stated that she needed to go to the bathroom and as she was in the bathroom the boys come to me and say "Esther needs two squares." I know it is my fault, but I laugh every time that Esther has to go to the bathroom because the boys state that she needs two squares.

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