Saturday, January 2, 2010

Christmas Card Love

I love Christmas for several reasons, but one of them is for the Christmas cards that we receive. Each year we go to the mail box hoping to receive a Christmas card that we can read and hang on the cabinets. This year we were excited because we received several Christmas cards/letters. I love the letters that tell you what has happened in that family for that year and what everyone is doing.

My favorite this year was from the Tanner's. You see their Christmas card was an OOPS Christmas card because Jamie misspelled Christmas. She spelled it Chrirtmas. In her letter she explained that the mistake was because she was trying to do the Christmas Cards with all three boys.

Our family sent out 100 Christmas cards this year. The great thing is that we only paid for postage due to a website having two different promo codes going on at the same time. We got 100 cards sent to our house for $0.00. Those are the best Christmas cards ever.

I took a picture of the LOVE that we received this year from friends and family. How many will we get next year?

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johncaveosborne said...

HA! if only ours were free. we sent out almost 200. (my wife's a masachist).