Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Eye of the Storm and the Other Side

Man have we been through a hurricane. Last week I thought that we were finally through with all the sickness, injury and just haze that was over our house. I was wrong. Let me recap what we have been through in the last couple of weeks.

*We were told that Hannah needed to be on medication for 6 months to let her body grow to see if her reflux would heal itself.
*The other part of the "safari" have to have ultrasounds to make sure they do not have reflux, since Hannah is the "index" child.
*Joshua gashed his head.
*Joshua got it infected with Beta Strep A and had to have it opened, flushed, packed, and now is seeing the Wound Care Clinic until it is healed.
*Esther has to be on Miralax because he Colon in swollen and does not have the urge to have a bowel movement for several days.
*Esther got an ear infection.
*Elijah got pin-worms, so everyone had to take medication and I had to sanitize everything.
*Elijah got strep on his butt.
*Joshua had to take medication because his sinuses would not clear.
*Jacob got put on breathing treatments for his wheezing and antibiotics.

That is it. I feel that we hit the eye of the storm last week and then finally got through the rest of the hurricane on Friday.

I signed up to go on the Women's Retreat and all this happened. On Friday I did not want to go on the retreat because my "safari" was just not doing so well. I prayed all day Friday on what to do and then Noel made a comment that made me go. He stated that I needed this and needed to go.

I went on the retreat and I am glad that I did. The "safari" is doing great and hopefully I will not have another hurricane for a long time. We are alive and happy. Thank you for everyone that prayed and kept up with all the drama and doctor's appointments, and for all the Nana's that sat at home while I took someone to the doctor, emergency room or Wound care.

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Trish said...

Sometimes the trails of life show us how God has been there through it all. I am so glad we got to go to the retreat and I know you needed some time away. I thank God that the children are starting to feel better. I will see you all on Monday. Love Nanna