Monday, March 29, 2010

A Sad Day!

There have been some things that have been going on in our country that have disturbed me. I normally do not talk about politics or what I think about things unless someone asks me, but lately it has just gotten worse and worse.

First let me tell you that I love politics and I am well-informed. I may not know everything but I know where and how to find things. I know that everyone does not have the same beliefs as me and you might disagree but I have to talk about it and we can have a civil debate on any of these if you want. Please do not leave hate comments, if you want to discuss any of these further please leave me your email address and we will talk about what you want. Thank you in advance.

Last week, there was a story about a 15 year old girl in Seattle was went to the health clinic in her school and found out that she was pregnant. The nurse and counselor told her that if she did not tell her parents that she would not have to pay anything for the abortion. They called her taxi and took her to the abortion clinic and then returned her to school the same day. There are so many things wrong with this story. It is sad that the 15 year old could not talk to her mother about this, that they did not a relationship where the first thought would be to call her mother. That there is a clinic in the school that is giving this advice. When Noel and I write our check for our property taxes I have to pray that the money that goes to the school is not going for these services. Now I know that the public school system is getting worse and that as parents we need to be on our knees to know what to do with our precious children and what we need to do in the education part of their lives. I know that in our house right now we feel that God is leading us to homeschool. Apparently there are numerous states that do not require parental support before medical treatment can be given. Our children are being told that their parents do not know what is going on and that they need to teach us how it needs to be. The more I read and watch how our country is heading the more I feel like we are the Isrealites wondering in the desert because we cannot get our obedience in the right place. May God have mercy on us.

On another note while we were driving home from church yesterday we were behind a care that had a bumper sticker. The bumper sticker stated "I can be a Christian and be pro-abortion too" Really? How is that? First of all I do not feel that you can judge someone on their salvation because that is between God and that person but you can ask some questions? If you are a Christian how can you say that life does not start until after birth when the Bible clearly states the opposite. Here is a webpage that helps with the sides of the issue. So I feel that the bumper sticker is a sad statement that we have believers that just skip the verses in the Bible that do not apply to them or that they do not want to apply to them.

The last thing is that census. The ad campaign on television is going to cost $130 million dollars. On top of that I received two postcards that reminded me that the Census was coming and then to remind me to mail my census back. Then the census was mailed. Now how much did that cost? Well in the last census there was a population size of 297,831,960 people. Lets say that there is a family of four everywhere; so we divide 297,831,960 by 4 and you get 74,457,990. So lets say that we mailed the two postcards to this many destinations; with presorted mail it cost about 24.5 cents a postcard. So that would cost $36,484,415.10. Then you also got sent the census itself that would cost about 48 cents, that cost $35,739,835.20. Then you still have all the employees that will walk and knock on your door. The estimated cost for the Census is between $13.7 billion to $14.5 billion. What could our country do with half of that money?

It seems that everyday I read and research more about our country and learn what I was not taught in school. I would like to work really hard and sacrifice in my generation to ensure that my childrens' and grandchildrens' generations would be okay. Our founding fathers knew that our country could be great if we made sure that we were a God-fearing country and that we remembered that God needed to be in the center of our country. I find myself on my face before God more and more to ask for Him to guide our leaders and to put people in their presence to help them in the right direction. Also for our leaders to fall on their face before God every day.

My next post will be about the "safari" and will have some new pictures. Stay tuned.


Laura said...

Great post, Jennifer. I couldn't agree more!
Laura Davison

ayrsy said...

Hi Jennifer,
I too get discouraged by what goes on in the world around us. My heart just breaks for the young girl who was thrust into a decision she had no time to ponder. I ache for the price she will pay in the years to come. I ache for all the girls and women who make such a tragic choice - and I tremble at what God's reaction to it all will be. So many things can overwhelm us. BUT - God is still God. He has those babies in His arms. They are His and they are safe. And I am His and you are His and we can share Him with others. Take courage!! God WINS!!!

Tracy said...

Amen!! Great post!!

Trish said...

As we as a nation move farther and farther away from God this is the consequence. As we read the Word of God we know that things are going to get worse and we need to be on our knees for our families and for our nation. We need to be prepared to face persecution because we do believe that there is a living God and a risen Savior. God is in control and we need to trust Him and be in His word so we know how to teach our children and to prepare for what is too come. God is the victory but there is coming a battle. I love you and am so proud of the way you stand up for what is right and that you seek God's face for what to do about those precious children He has given you. I am so proud to be your mom and their grandmother. Love Mom