Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Kayleigh Fiona

I would like you to meet Kayleigh Fiona Conroy! She has a great story...

Kayleigh's parents, Katherine and Tim, have been friends of mine since Noel and I met. I think I met them two weeks after Noel and I started to see each other in person. They got married two weeks before Noel and I. We have been really close since we met and have been in each other's lives since we met.

Tim and Katherine were totally excited to find out they were pregnant with their second child late last year. There first child, Elizabeth, just turned 3. The pregnancy was going really well and Katherine was doing well and getting everything ready for the baby. I helped her paint the baby's room just last week.

On Sunday, Tim was on his way to Grace to help with the children's ministry when he felt that he needed to be home instead of at church. So he turned around and went back home. Katherine decided to make breakfast and sent Tim to the grocery store for some items. While he was gone, Katherine thought that her water broke, so she called her best friend in Baltimore to see if she was over-reacting. Her friend told her to call her doctor. She called Tim to see if he was close to coming home and just casually mentioned that she thought that her water had broke. Tim rushed home.

They went to the hospital and the nurse took a sample of the fluid to see if it was her water of something else. After several tests and no real conclusion they sent it to the lab. The lab stated that it was not her water, and so the nurse decided that she would check Katherine to make sure everything was okay. The mood in the room changed when the nurse had a look of shock on her face. Katherine was 5cm dilated. Katherine was only at 32 weeks.

They started Katherine on drugs to help her and the baby. On Monday night Katherine had Kayleigh and she weighed 3lbs 10 oz. So of course she went to the NICU.

Noel and I had the opportunity to go and see them yesterday, thank you mom for watching the "safari." We brought dinner and got to see the wonderful new addition to their family. She is really tiny but she is a fighter and already has her own attitude. You have to be signed into the NICU, have to scrub your arms and wear a mask. Kayleigh is on assisted breathing, but no oxygen. She has an IV for fluids and antibiotics. Also she is on a warming table because she cannot regulate her own temperature. The blessing is that she is not in an incubator and that Katherine has been able to hold and feed her. The next couple of weeks are going to be hard, because Katherine goes home today, but the baby does not.

Please pray for the Conroy's and for Kayleigh that she will do well and be able to come home. God is in control of everything and when we learn that life make more sense and we can deal with these situations.

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Trish said...

John and I are praying for Kayleigh and for Tim and Katherine. I know they know the Lord and they are trusting in His grace and His love. Tell them we love them and are praying for them. Love Mom