Saturday, March 6, 2010

Thank you for 4 Years!

Last week Noel and I celebrated four years of marriage together. I have to say that it has been a fast four years filled with lots of births, laughter, sleepless nights, travel, crying, crawling, walking, eating solids, bruises and bumps.

Noel and I met on E*Harmony and have not looked back since. Here is one of our wedding pictures.

There are not enough nice things to say about Noel and what he has done in our marriage, so I will only name a few.
*Drove over 13 hours to surprise me with my engagement ring and got my parents involved.
*Made our wedding day stress-free for the most part
*Found 12 watermelons when I was pregnant with Elijah when they were out of season
*Made my pregnancy with the triplets wonderful and full of laughter
*Was a trooper when the triplets were born and needed to eat several times in the middle of the night
*Changed all the diapers when I was pregnant with Hannah because I could not smell anything foul without getting sick.
*Tells me that I am beautiful and the best wife ever at least 10 times a week.
*Lets me rant and rave about my week when he is traveling
*Takes care of the "safari" so that I can have some alone time, even though I do not go like I should
*Encourages me and prays with me

Of course there are thousands of reasons why I love my husband and sometimes the emotions that you feel cannot be expressed in words. I am looking forward to the years to come with my loving husband. Last week I made him cookies for our anniversary. He likes Scrabble and can beat me pretty bad, so I made the cookies to look like Scrabble pieces.

I love you Noel and I am glad that so grateful that God allowed me to love and marry you.


Dominic said...

Allow me to post a love remark -

First off, congratulations to you two for four adventure-filled years. May there be many more still to come.

I want to heap some praise on Noel as well - from what I've seen over the years, I pray that I'll some day be as good of a husband and father as he is.

I love you all and thanks for being my friends.

- d.

Trish said...

I love both of you and am so glad to be part of your lives and the lives of the children. I thank God daily for the fact you are in church and raising your children to love the Lord. Keep on loving each other and always make time for each other. I love you both, Mom.