Monday, May 24, 2010

Aunt Kim, this one is for you!

For Christmas Noel's aunt sent us a tile that has a poem on it about family and then "The Wilcoxson's" was engraved at the bottom. She sent us a stand to go with it, so that we could display it in our house. I had a better idea; when we decided to make some changes to our first floor I thought that it would be good to tile the fireplace and to incorporate the tile into the fireplace.

We know that Aunt Kim will be so proud that her present is now a permanent fixture in our home. So Aunt Kim you brag all you want and call Michael all you want, but he will tell you that he gets to see us and that all you got was a post in the blog. Do not be mad, we still love you.

The "safari" loved helping with the tiling. In the evenings Noel would work on the fireplace and then the "safari" would pick the spacers out of the fireplace in the morning. It was a family project where all family members were involved. So thank you Aunt Kim for sending us the tile and we are glad that it worked out to be a focal point of our fireplace.


cheryl said...

wow! that does not even look like the same house! how exciting for you to have so many projects done all at once! now you can sit back and enjoy all the hard work. :o)

Aunt Kim said...

That's awesome!! And I made the blog again - woo hoo! I look at the blog every single day. Yes, Mike brags about seeing all of you and between he and the blog I feel informed! Do a family hug from Aunt Kim - love you all!