Friday, May 28, 2010

Best Burger Joint, Ever!

When mom and I were in Arlington for the Homeschooling Convention we found this old diner restaraunt. The place is called Tom's Burgers and Grill.

We walked in and knew from the smell of the food we were going to enjoy our dinner. After being seated and given a menu the hardest part was picking only one thing to eat. Mom and I decided to try the burgers; mom got an old fashioned cheeseburger and I got the mushroom and swiss burger and an order of onion rings to share. Now the family behind us ordered the Chicken Fried Steak, and when they got their meals it was enough food for at least two people. They do not skimp on portions, and they bread their steak with Ruffle potato chips.

Mom and I got our meal and were impressed from the first look and smell. The hamburgers came in paper and had grease on the wrapping. They cooked the burgers actually to how you liked it. The onion rings were the best that I have ever had. Their batter has beer in it, which brings me to the next cool thing. This restraunt does not have a liquor license and so they cannot sell alcohol but they can give it away. So since they need beer for the batter of their onion rings they offer two complimentary beers to every person or two glasses of wine. If you do not like either then you can bring your own.

If you are in the Arlington area please stop by and enjoy the meal that you will remember for a long time. I know mom and I cannot wait until we are near Arlington again.

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