Sunday, May 30, 2010

Does your ATM machine sing?

My birthday this year was kind of all over the spectrum when it came to emotions. The "safari" was not nice to me on my birthday but seemed to conspire to hit every wrong nerve in my body to the point where all I wanted was for Noel to come home and lock them away for a while. After nap time was over though they seemed to calm down a lot.

I decided that it was my birthday and I was not going to cook for the "safari" and so I ordered pizza for pick up. When I went to pick it up it was never put in to be cooked so I got the "safari's" dinner for free, which was nice. Then on my way home I had to deposit some money into the checking account. I put my debit card in and the ATM machine decided to start singing to me. I was caught off guard and then was really impressed with the bank that we use.

I arrived home and fed the "safari" and Colton dinner. Kerri came to pick the kids up and let me know that they were going to move Colton to a daycare so that he could interact with kids on his level. This was heartbreaking for me. Not that Colton was being moved to see if that would help with his speech and other things, but that he was not going to be in house. He had been in my house since he was 8 weeks old.

Our night ended with the Conroy's coming over and having dinner with us because they thought that I should have something special for my birthday. It was a day of emotions and I am glad that it was over and that I have to wait another year to get older.